Send Payments With Condition

Notai lets you send payments to anyone with your own condition.
Your payment is only released when a certain criteria on the internet is met.

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How It Works


Create Conditional Payment

Send assets to anyone, set your own API condition for payment release, and a claim expiry date.


Share Link With Recipient

The funds are locked to a temporary escrow account. A link will be provided for you to share with the recipient.


Payment Release Verification

The recipient visits the payment link to release the payment. Notai will verify the release condition as configured by sender on the internet.


Payment Transacted

When the release criteria is fulfilled, the funds will be transferred from the temporary escrow account to the recipients account.

Manage your payments in an easy to use interface.

Notai looks great on every platform from desktop to mobile.

Easily manage your payments through the interactive user interface. Create any number of payments easily with useful presets and Notai will keep track of them. Cancel any payments that has been expired.Your payments assets are stored and executed on the blockchain without any intervention. Your decision is final.

Open Source

Notai is completely open source to maintain the highest level of transparency - and is part of our commitment to maintain trust and security.

Use Cases

Here are some things you can do with Notai.

Scheduled Payouts

Schedule payments that a recipient can claim at a specified date.

Escrow Agreements

Create escrow contracts that outlines the terms and conditions between two parties.

Retirement Savings

Build up a saving funds that can be unlocked at a future date.

Lottery, Games & Prizes

Competition hosts and licensed betting firms can issue claimable prizes .


Notai aims to make payments payments self managable and trustless by utilizing the programmable logic of smart contracts and immutability of blockchains.